Gummy Bear Dog Training Treats

IMG_20170704_152422_564Molly is very food motivated so training treats are a way to make training fun and interesting for her.  Now that Molly is eating a mostly home cooked diet and I’m steering away from commercial food products, all of her treats need to be made at home too.  Gummy bears are great because they’re moist, small and you can add almost any type of flavor you want.  I’ll eventually experiment with blending up some meat to put in mine, but for the ones in the photos of this recipe I used peanut butter, turmeric and three berries.

This gummy bear recipe only takes about 20 minutes of prep and then a couple hours of cooling in the refrigerator.

20170704_103118Essential items:
Silicon molds(I got mine from the dollar store and amazon)
A bowl or measuring cup
A fork or small beater
A dropper

2/3 cup of warm water
2 TBS of gelatin
Flavor items(ex. 1TBS of peanut butter, 1tsp turmeric, blended fruit pieces, pumpkin)

20170704_102908You may need to play with the recipe above or adjust it. Mix all your ingredients up in a bowl or measuring cup. Then use the dropper to drop them in the mold. Chill for about three hours and then empty them into a container. I use my treats for about a week. If I have any left I usually toss them, but do whatever you’re comfortable with. Store them in the refrigerator.

20170704_104515 (2)

I did one silicon bear sheet of berries, then added the turmeric and did another sheet and then did a sheet with all three flavors added in.



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